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Nu World’s LED Light Panels achieve both a strong visual as well as an emotional focus for any room in your home, office or business. These light fixtures can be created in just about any shape and size, and their powerful focus for gathering one’s attention can enhance the mood and atmosphere of any space.

By utilizing high end LEDs, we reduce the heat and extend the life of your lighting solution. Light Panels require virtually no maintenance and provide up to 60000 hours of use. The Panels are only 8mm thick and they come in a variety of colors and will provide consistent, even illumination over the entire surface area of the panel.

Nu World LED Light panels are available in multiple variants so Contact Nu World and tell us about the project that you’re working on. We can suggest different approaches and options to consider using LED Light Panels as well as show you how they will provide exceptional return on your investment.

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  • Available in framed and frameless
  • Only 5/16” thick
  • Virtually any shape and size up to 48" X 96"
  • High quality optical acrylic light guide sheet
  • Virtually no maintenance over the life of the LED Light panel up to 60000 hours lifespan
  • No UV and virtually no heat (perfect for light and heat sensitive exhibits and displays)
  • Cut voids where needed ( sinks , taps etc.)

Typical applications:

  • Backlit countertops
  • Illuminated Backsplash
  • Backlit Fine art images
  • Illuminated stained glass backlit
  • Jewelry and display case illumination
  • Museum Display case Lighting
  • Bar Shelf illumination
  • Lighted floor tiles
  • Custom Shaped letters for signage


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