• Nu World LED Light Panel - Backlit Onyx-  KDs Restaurant Bar Face
  • Nu World LED Light Panel - Backlit Marble counter top- Patrona 2
  • Kipps Bay Show House
  • Illuminated Onyx Countertop
  • Daily Grill
  • Nu World LED Light Panel - Backlit Onyx- KD's Restaurant Bar Face
  • Nu World LED Light Panel - Backlit Marble counter top- Patrona
  • Kipps Bay Show House - Nu World Custom Lighting - Fanuka Inc
  • Illuminated Onyx Countertop - Nu World LED Light Panel - Courtesy of DIY Network
  • Nu World LED Light Panel - Daily Grill - Los Angeles international airport LAX

Nu World is the leader in custom built lighting solutions

When it is used correctly, light can be as effective in stirring your emotions as catching the enticing aroma of a finely cooked meal placed in front of you or being front row-center in the presence of a world-class symphony being conducted.

At Nu World, we’re experts in creating custom lighting solutions that will instantly shape the moods of friends and strangers. Our work can build excitement or relax your guests, and instantly communicates the feelings you want them to experience and associate with your space

We have worked closely with designers from across North America, Europe and around the world using a variety of materials, and in both exterior and interior locations such as commercial buildings, art installations, movie sets, private residences, Super Yachts, fine dining restaurants, bars and other retail venues. Innovation, aesthetics and a practical approach to problem solving go into each of our projects.

When you want to go beyond the visuals and make an electrical connection with your visitors, work with Nu World Distribution and we’ll make certain that the results speak for themselves.

Our Work

Lighttape - Baseboard and bar illumination

Nu World Custom Lighting is the premier source for unique and custom lighting solutions, have a look at our featured projects.

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LED Flex Strip250

Nu World uses the finest products to create its memorable lighting solutions. Learn more about Nu World's suite of lighting products and ask us how we can assist you in making the best decision.

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Backlit Tub deck-Solid surface-Nu World LED Light Panel

Nu World makes cool lighting... come and see what we can do for your project.

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